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Hi, my name is Jozef. I am  22 years old. I come from eastern Slovakia.

I gain my knowledge from 2 sources:

work - I work as junior data scientist at smaller Slovak company, called ableneo,

- school - I am student at STU FIIT. I am currently in my first year of my master's degree.

I've got many hobbies in my life. The basic ones include:

- meditation - Thanks to maditation I feel more relaxed and I can make better decisions,

- swimming - super sport in general, It is exercise for whole body and you do not have to lift some heavy weights,

- book reading - this hobby brings me new information and knowledge. It is also one type of relax for me. Last book i read was "Učeň ľadu, 6 dní s Wimom Hofom."

I picked subject SMVIT based on advice of my friend, who evaluates this subject as one of the best ones, which we can choose during our studies at FIIT STU.

I worked on my project with student s12 (Kamil Macek).


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