System Thinking and Digital Fabrications


 doc. Ing. Tibor Krajčovič, PhD.


 Winter semester 2018/2019 – FIIT


 070400 – Ústav počítačového inžinierstva

a aplikovanej informatiky


 Lectures (2h/w), exercises (3h/w),


Individual Contribution to the common knowledge base

Team project in the field IoT, IT, embedded systems

 Effort (in hours):






 Deliverables, success conditions, estimation:


1. Individual work / contribution to the project outcomes. (70%)

2.Attendance on the test during semester-knowledge contribution presentation/sharing with classmates (10%)

3. Final project outcomes presentation (20%)

      • Goals of the class:

To get the personal experiences  from Model Driven Solutions in IT

    • Short Summary:

 The IT students  shall understand the holistic basis of IT solutions from 3 main domains:

Business, System/Data/Applications, Technology. The students are guide to systematic approach during the whole lifecycle of the IT solutions.

Student will touch the general technology of digital fabrication in FABLAB.

Students are facing to touch 2 approaches:

– Quick and dirty – starting with digital fabrication technology (3D printing, laser cutter, IoT-Arduino, Microbit, ESP8266, robots, …)

- Systematic engineering approach – thinking (modeling) before doing, building knowledge based on metadata in common  model

Students will go through the whole life cycle of their own selected solutions.

They are supported by:

- methodology

   -7D – Seven discipline for successful Solutions

   - APV – Assets-Perspectives-Views

   - Q12 – 12 quadrants to start IT business

- technology

   Sparxsystems technology :

                - Client-Enterprise Architect

                - Cloud Server

                - Web collaboration platform - Prolaborate

- experienced teachers

                Roman Kazicka, PhD (System thinking)

                Ing.Jozef Vaško (Digital Fabrication-FABLAB CVTI)

    • Literature:

Covey, R. Stephen: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal

• Neil Geshenfeld, Fab: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop-From Personal Computers to Personal

Fabrication,, 2011, 381 s. ISBN 978-1-4596-1057-6

• Senge, M. Peter. The Fifth Discipline: The art and practice of learning organization: Second edition,

Crown Publ, 2010

• Slama, Dirk; Puhlmann, Frank; Morrish, Jim; Rishi, M.; Enterprise IoT, O ́REILLY, 2015

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Documentation in IT? Vasting Time or Strategic asset?

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